Russell BrunsonRussell Brunson is a young web marketer, based in Boise, Idaho, who created the program entitled 12 Month Internet Millionaire. This Internet marketing program was created, in part, from secrets and strategies that Russell Brunson learned from Vincent James. Brunson began Internet marketing when he was still in college, and sold products earning over 1 million dollars when he had only been out of college for one year.

When Russell was on a cruise with this wife celebrating his college graduation and the upcoming birth of his twins, he read James’ book called “The 12 Month Millionaire” which explained his wealth building tactics. By the time that Vincent James turned 28, he had made over $50 million. Russell Brunson adopted and expanded upon many of these secrets of Vincent James when he began his program 12 Month Internet Millionaire.

When 12 Month Internet Millionaire launched several years ago, it was enormously successful and quickly became Clickbank’s #1 program. Following up on the unprecedented success of 12 Month Internet Millionaire, 12 Month Internet Millionaire 2.0 launches November 11th, 2009. This new program contains hours of audio with a multi-millionaire who reveals many of the strategies that he implemented to achieve such success. More information about this new marketing program can be found at Russell Brunson also includes a few bonuses with the 12 Month Internet Millionaire program including 14 days of access to a private membership site, and a phone call from a millionaire development coach.

Russell Brunson is no newcomer to Internet marketing. Prior to launching this new program, Russell Brunson helmed the multimillion-dollar business called DotComSecrets ( Brunson remains the President of the company. DotComSecrets also provides people with secrets about making money online. This program includes a wide variety of resources for entrepreneurs including private coaching, online membership groups, and webinars. Russell Brunson is also a software developer and successful public speaker.

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